Why The LGBT Community is Lacking in Proper Health Care

rain-stethA recent report on breast cancer shows once again that the LGBT community is lacking in proper health care, but who exactly is to blame?  A look at the politics of the community and the discrimination factor of others, shows that many are to blame, including the LGBT community themselves.

A report from Medical News Today shows that there is an increased risk for breast cancer amongst lesbian and bi-sexual women. A lot of the factors involved have to do with a lack of preventative care and other factors that have an affect on the group more than heterosexual women. These factors include things such as smoking, drinking,  obesity, and  a lack of child bearing before the age of 30.  The biggest factor is a lack of screenings to help with early detection.

The LGBT community is often times ostracized in many ways, and this is no different than when it comes to the health care industry. Despite the oath of doctors and nurses, there is still a very large discrimination factor involved when it comes to patient care. Many let their own beliefs and politics get in the way when it comes to treating LGBT patients and understanding their needs.  This creates a situation in which many in the LGBT community don’t even want to bother with seeking health care services even though; just like everyone else, they should. It’s a unhealthy and sometimes fatal situation, but not just doctors and care providers are to blame.