Mother Abuses Child For Voting For Donald Trump

In a sick display of parenting, a Texas mother recorded a video of her son being tossed out of her home for voting for Donald Trump.

Since Tuesday night there have been many cases of violent protests, beatings, and arrests of those who have been not too happy with the results of the election. This is the first instance where we have seen a parent take things too far.

The divisive nature of this year’s election goes to show that Washington and the media are in dire need of an overhaul of the way they communicate with the American people. The race baiting language has led to police officers being killed and many acts of violence in recent months.

The media needs to take responsibility for their actions. When a mother has gone to these lengths; while she is to blame for her actions, this is a result of a media and politicians who use scare tactics into gaining voters.

Blog: Post Election Blues

How did we get here?

I keep asking myself that same questions over and over again the past couple of days. How did we get to a point in this society where ideas are not up for debate? How did we get to a point to where someone else’s view is more important than their fellow citizen?

Elections are supposed to help ‘correct’ our government from the problems it has been facing the past many years. The truth is for every extremely happy person with our government, there’s someone who is equally unhappy. The changes in office and parties usually help us to find a balance so that everyone can feel somewhat happy with their government at what time or another. It’s how our type of democracy works. We’re not always going to get what you want and sometimes we’re going to be very unhappy with the end result. We move on though. We try again next time and hope that we get something better.

My candidate didn’t win this election cycle. As a matter of fact, my candidate hasn’t won the election cycle since I’ve been legally able to vote. I’ve voted in four presidential elections now. I accept the results for what they are and keep pushing my ideas for next time. It’s all that can be done. Nothing good will come of me taking to the streets, starting riots, burning dumpsters, breaking windows, beating up people who oppose me, name calling, etc. It just would make me look like a fool. I won’t lie. I do protest in my own way with social media being so relevant. I post things that some might find offensive and others I post just to see what others have to say. I hold no opinion on them necessarily. The point is though, I keep the conversation going instead of trying to silence those who might disagree. 

Washington Times Posts Article Around Fake Donald Trump Tweet


Washington Times website screenshot showing inaccurate depiction of Donald Trump quote.

Update 11/10/2016 3:26p CST: The Washington Times has since removed the article in question after it was brought to their attention about the inaccuracies. This still does not excuse the fact it was ever posted in the first place. We will continue monitor and watch these stories as they happen.

The Washington Times this evening took to their website to let everyone know that Donald Trump was attempting to get Democratic leaders to work with them. The article is entitled, ‘Donald Trump asks Democrats to offer ‘to do list’ instead of hate’

The article re-posted the tweet: ‘I’m still waiting for the democrats ‘to do list.’ Any democrat, just tweet me… yet I’m only getting hate from the left’

The problem? The tweet that the article is referring to was not posted by President-Elect Donald Trump’s official twitter account @RealDonaldTrump. It was actually posted by a fake account @RealTrump2016 which has been making several tweets and re-tweeting as an impostor account.

The Media Controlled Debate: Why The American People Lose

For the last couple of decades, we have witnessed the Presidential debates become nothing more than media controlled dog & pony shows. Actually calling them ‘debates’ is quite the inaccurate term to use. These so-called ‘debates’ are more like media controlled question and answer sessions, and that’s something that needs to change.

Since the beginning of May, we have seen nine debates featuring Republican candidates for President of the United States. Nine different sessions in which a media representative asks questions to each candidate and then gives them a set amount of time to answer. If the answer targets another member of the debate, then that person is allowed a timed rebuttal to defend themselves or strike back. This circle repeats itself for a good hour or two depending on which network is sponsoring the debate. We have to ask ourselves though; how is this a debate? What are we supposed to get out of these short-answer sessions with candidates who are running for the most important office in the country. The answer is nothing.

The Loss of a Generation: How We Let Fear Ruin Our Children

playgroundjpg-1853851_p9The neighborhood is quiet. It’s almost a little too quiet actually. Walking down the street of this neighborhood there are no children outside playing, even though the fall air is beginning to set in and it’s that perfect time of the evening after school and before dinner. It’s almost a ghost town actually when comparing it to the days when this 29-year old was a child. There was no way that we were kept inside as kids. We were outside playing after school and then again after dinner. Many of us had dinner over at each other’s houses. Every parent knew exactly where their child was right down the street. They didn’t necessarily know whose house we were at, but they knew that we were near by and that was all that mattered. For today’s kids though, it’s much different.

Most of the kids in this neighborhood don’t know each other unless they share the same classes at school. The kids aren’t allowed to wander down the street and play with the kid who is six houses down. The idea that some of these kids are even allowed to play out in their own front yard is a bit of a rarity in this neighborhood today, and that’s a shame. There’s the missing sight of kids chasing each other down the street on their bicycles, and the missing sounds of laughter from playing hide and go seek. If you’re lucky you’ll see one of the kids with their parents walking the dog in the late evening, but even that is rare. No instead the children are being kept inside thanks to a media who was more than happy to create generation of fearful parents.

Black & White: Why America Can’t Escape The Race Card.

In the year 2011, you would think that America would be long past the days when race mattered. In a time when we have a black President for the first time, you would think this would show how truly united America is on the subject of race. Unfortunately, that’s hardly the case.

Since the 1970′s we should have been in a post-racial society. We use the 1970′s as a starting point because at the end of the day we had to let everyone get adjusted to the civil rights act in the 1960′s. With everyone mingled together in public, working together, and living together in some communities, one would think that we’d come to accept everyone as Americans. However that just wouldn’t be good for politics and business.

Let’s take for example the past few years and how race has shaped the media. In March 2008 then Presidential contender Barack Obama delivered a speech entitled; “A More Perfect Union,” about how America had so many issues be them black or white, and how we needed to work towards common ideas. During the speech however, Obama made very careful statements in pointing out anger amongst black people, the privilege of being white, and how even his own Grandmother was a “typical white person.” A speech that was supposed to be about unity, very subtly made sure that he kept certain ideas in everyone’s head. It was just enough to make certain people think that they’d be racist if they were to not vote for Mr. Obama.

Is Facebook A Form of Social Conditioning?

fbook1For many people their morning begins with Facebook and their night ends with Facebook before they go to bed. With the ever-changing format of Facebook; have we become conditioned to accept them, no matter how much we don’t like those changes?

When you look at Facebook today, there’s not much you can do with it to make it ‘personal.’ Facebook is like one giant form you fill out that displays as much information that you’re willing to give. The limits are based on the maximum information Facebook allows on your profile page and the bare minimum it allows for you to even have a profile at all. Everything else on your page is mixed into categories that Facebook has decided where they go when you “Like” certain pages. At the end of the day, it’s all about what Facebook wants your page to look like, not what you want at all. It did not always work like this.

Back as soon as just a few years ago, Facebook was all about “you.” It wasn’t about what the designers wanted. It wasn’t about what advertisers wanted. It was about creating a social media platform that allowed individuals to express themselves and build a page that was suited to them. Users were able to control everything from what content they wanted on their profile page, all the way up to where they actually wanted it to appear on the page. Facebook used to let users move around where they wanted their menu bar to be, where they wanted their feed updates to be, even where they wanted certain applications to appear.

Facebook used to be a vast website with a lot of possibilities. There were several tabs at the top of the page that allowed you to show off applications of all the music CDs you had, all the movies you had watched and compared your friends list with what they liked as well. A tab that showed all of these applications and your status on them all on one page. It was easy to share videos and photos with your friends without spamming your news feed. “Notes” were actually kept on their own tab and treated more like a Facebook journal. While they still exist, they are treated more like the forgotten side of Facebook that never existed. So what exactly happened to take the freedom away from Facebook? The short answer: Facebook became corporate.