Breaking News: The Media Doesn’t Care About You!

Television shows winning Emmy awards are much more important than real issues facing our nation. Charlie Sheen showing up on the Emmy stage is much more important than the problems with our economy, problems with our health care system, and any ‘real’ problem facing our nation today.

That’s the impression we get when media outlets like CNN want to let us know “Breaking News” about some show winning the Emmy for ‘Best Comedy Show.’ We’re truly surprised that they actually had President Obama’s $3 trillion budget cut proposal up there for us to see with such important news about the Emmy awards. This is the exact reason why we write the articles we do. We are here to point out discrepancies with the media that truly show they aren’t there to look out for the American people anymore. They are there for one reason and one reason alone; to make a profit.


The American media today is nothing more than a profit center. Everything they do is based on who they can get to sponsor their station, on what gets them more viewers. The truth is often times irrelevant or twisted to be more entertaining rather than informing. It’s why we have every major cable news network running around trying to do the Republican debates a little bit different than the other. It’s all about who can get the most views, who can get the more sponsors, and ultimately who can bring in the big dollars so their share holders can be happy.

People sit here and bash big corporations left and right, yet we sit here and let big corporations give us our news each and every moment. They use headlines that often times that have nothing to do with their articles, just to get people to read them. They focus on singular points and skew news stories in their favor that ultimately help push their political agendas over what might interest you. They are an infectious disease that have ingrained themselves into the heads of the American populace. People trust their favorite news stations because they feel they give them answers. When in reality they are doing nothing more than indoctrinating them to make them think like they do. It’s why love them or hate them; stations like Fox News are successful with their political shows. Sure they are biased on those shows, but it gets them viewers. They will continue to push those views, no matter how fraudulent they may be, because people will watch them over and over again.

Seeing the image above on CNN really was an opportunity for us to latch on to and show you all how the media is. They care more about getting people interested in their station than they do actually reporting the news. Once you have the attention of millions of people, there’s almost nothing that you cannot do. You can ultimately make people believe what you want them to believe and very few will challenge you. Those that do challenge them will be shot down by the loyal readers who will stand up for their station they have come to ‘trust.’ There’s no fighting against people once they have been brainwashed to take someone’s word for something without informing themselves properly.

There is a disease in America today and it’s called by most people; ‘entertainment.’  The truth is though in a country as large as ours is, it’s really called: conditioning. We are being conditioned to care more about what actor and actress are now dating, or what brand new fall TV show is going to make it big. It’s time there was a change to that. It’s time there were alternative media sources out there. The fact of the matter is there are plenty of them. Plenty who are willing to speak the truth on issues and get beyond where the regular media takes you. Factual data and information is what should win the day and it’s what we will always push here on out site as well. It’s time for people to wake up from their zombie sleep and learn there’s two-sides to every story. It’s time that people learn that the media doesn’t give a damn about them, but there are sources out there that do.

We are coming up on an election year here in 2012. Wouldn’t you much rather be informed by someone who cares enough to tell the truth rather than a network station who cares more about their profit margins? We know which we would choose. The answer is obvious. The truth matters. That is unless you enjoy being a sheep.

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