corp-mediaStompMud.com was started because too often in such a diverse political spectrum we get lost in all of the different ways the mainstream media tries to spin a story.

We are here to take and tell the other side of stories in which the media spins to fit their agenda or they write in a way that plays ‘gotcha’ instead of being honest. Our approach is to take down the conservative and liberal media in their tracks and have an alternative site that people can come to without feeling frustrated by the articles they are reading. We have a straight-forward approach that is meant to be enlightening as well as thought-provoking. We want to encourage discussion rather than discourage it with partisan views.

We are neither a liberal or conservative website. We are a little bit of both mixed together in perfect harmony. Some might say there is no such thing, but we believe that there is common ground that everyone brings to the table. Be you: Liberal, Conservative, Independent, Libertarian, Religious, Agnostic, Atheist, or whatever way you currently classify yourself as. We don’t believe in classes and we don’t believe in race. We simply believe we are all Americans and Global Citizens looking to do what’s right by our nation. Perhaps some might scoff at this idea, but we blame that on the Republican and Democratic parties for warping the minds of their voter base to get them to push their agendas, no matter how wrong they may be.

The sad truth is, is it’s our two-party system that is destroying our country bit by bit. The political infighting and the partisan hacks are what is bringing this economy and this nation to a standstill. There are better ways to talk and come together to find common ground and that’s what we are here to do. We are here to find that common ground that the corporate media doesn’t want any of us to have. Whether you’re a Fox, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, etc. news watcher, it’s high time that everyone learned they are all one in the same, just with a different ‘spin.’

We’re glad to have you here and if you ever have any suggestions for us or would like to join our team, please stop by our contacts page and let us know how we can better server you in the articles we write. We can’t make everyone happy, but hopefully we can all find and keep that middle ground that sits with reality and reason.