Americans Elected Grandpa by Picking Joe Biden

In 2016, Americans elected Donald J. Trump because he was different from anyone else ever selected to be President. He was not politically correct and more importantly, he was not a part of the Washington establishment. This led to a large swath of Americans voting for him and electing him President in 2016, much to the dismay of the media and Democratic leadership. Conservatives were not necessarily happy with Trump either, but the alternative was then candidate Hillary Clinton in which most conservatives had grown to despise.

Move forward now to 2020, and America has a different idea of what she wants. Now the voters have selected their grandpa to be President in electing Joe Biden. He is the American definition of what a grandpa is. He is old, he’s white, he has gray hair, and he sometimes says things that people chalk up to him just saying things that grandpa says.

Grandpa Biden can get handsy with children, sniff women’s hair, and look awkwardly at a woman’s chest and no one will say anything, because he’s grandpa. After all, that’s what grandpa’s do! They emulate what individuals would be thrown in jail for if they were 40 years younger.

Grandpa Biden also gets by with saying inappropriate things. He can say, “You aint black” if you do not vote the way he is telling you to. He can also say due to “some black woman stack(ing) the grocery shelf” that he was able to get groceries during COVID-19. He can blatantly insult an entire community of people by saying things like, “The Latino community is incredibly diverse, unlike the African-American community” because he is grandpa and no one takes grandpa seriously!

Grandpa can also say things about what his ideas are that change on a dime and not get called out for it. He can tell Americans that he will ban fracking and then later on come back and say he never said that. After all, he’s grandpa and his memory is not what it used to be. He can change his mind and say he only meant Federal lands, or say that it is just something we can work towards. He can say he is against the Green New Deal, while at the same time posting on his website that he indeed is for the Green New Deal.

This is what grandpa does. He says things that he means but then gets by with it because the family or in this country, the country, considers him to be a senile old man who doesn’t necessarily have all of his faculties. Since he is grandpa though Americans will love him, cherish him, just so long as they can excuse his ways of being based on that simple idea.

Joe Biden is President Elect of the United States, at least until those that wanted grandpa in charge decide that he is a little too much like a confused old man that he may need to go to the old folks home. The Democratic house will have the 25th amendment to help them do just that. We’ll just see what the to be determined Republican senate does in return.

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